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The Many Faces Of Anonymous Nobody

As a CREATOR, Anonymous Nobody isn't bound by any chains, boxes or restraint of any kind. No walls hold this PUNK back. No financial influence pull any strings around here. Quite simply, Anonymous Nobody does what Anonymous Nobody wants. Existence is his canvas to paint on. So he paints. Curated on Known Origin & Makers Place & most active on OpenSea, Anonymous Nobody has certainly made his mark as an OG in the crypto-art space minting non-fungible tokens of his digital artwork. With over 5500 followers on Twitter, Anonymous Nobody has assembled the SQUIDGANG, a members-only group of collectors and artists that receive special treatment for their support.

Anonymous Nobody on OpenSea


Curated Gallery Overview

  • Anonymous Nobody has been an artist on Known Origin & Makers Place since January/February 2020. Since then, the NFT space has exploded into what we have today. Anonymous Nobody has been a Top 50 Artist in sales on Known Origin for a year.

Anonymous Nobody on Known Origin


Anonymous Nobody on Makers Place


SquidGang Releases

OG SquidGang:

-Free + Gas artwork releases

-EXCLUSIVE Artwork @ .01 ETH

-50% off all artwork .25 ETH & Higher

-Collaborate with Anonymous Nobody on one piece and keep 100% of sale

-Random Airdrops & Giveaways

OG #SquidGang Membership


Synthetic Squid's Return

The Journey Of The Scorpion

COSMIC SquidGang

-RANDOM .005 ETH Squid Collectible drops

-EXCLUSIVE artwork @ .02 ETH

-Collaborate with Anonymous Nobody on one piece and split the sale 50/50

-50% off all artwork .5 ETH & higher

-Random Airdrops & Giveaways

This Is Your Brain On-Chain

Dirty Doll Face

Bit City Weekend

Calmar Femme Glitch

A Fiery Passion

SquidGang FIRE

-RANDOM .01 ETH Squid art/collectible drops

-EXCLUSIVE artwork @ .03 ETH

-Collaborate with Anonymous Nobody on one piece and split the sale 50/50

-50% off all artwork .6 ETH & up

-Random Airdrops & Giveaways

SquidGang FIRE

Spontaneous Glitch (Special Edition)

As Seen Around The Metaverse

You can find Anonymous Nobody in the following places around the Metaverse

Proof Of Punk: Cryptopunk #6024


Non-Fungible Podcast with DKleine

NFP DKleine

OPEN10 Podcast with OpenNFT

Open10 OpenNFT

Finalist for KnownOrigin NFT Contest for NFT.NYC 2020


The Museum Of Crypto Art - The Permenent Collection: Breaking Through

The Permanent Collection Anonymous Nobody's Sales for Known Origin & Makers Place

Cryptovoxels Parcel, courtesy of WhalesharkPro


"I Want My NFT" Anonymous Nobody Signature T-Shirt by Pixellitist

"I Want My NFT" T-Shirt

SuperRare Editorial - Black Lives Matter: Activism in Crypto Art ft. Anonymous Nobody

Breaking News by Anonymous Nobody


Tips Appreciated!

If you'd like to tip Anonymous Nobody, It is always appreciated!


Cash App: $AnonymousNobody

.01 ETH


.10 ETH




Donate ETH to Teachers in the NFT art space here! ANY amount helps!



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